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Project description

In 2013, the number of master's degree students at the department of Scandinavian Studies and Finnish Studies has declined to only one third of the earlier number of (pre Bologna) Magister's degree graduates. Reasons that have been named are that the master's degree could not be studied as single subject programme and that a lack of courses, which are specifically designed for the master's degree programme, can be observed. The master's students asked for more variety in the course offer.

This project wants to link the scope of lectures and courses from national and international departments of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies and thereby implement e-learning into the master's degree programme in an optimised way. Digital lectures and e-courses are collected on the project’s e-learning platform and from there offered to students of cooperating departments. As a result, the local scopes of courses are widened.

A department entering the network has to contribute one e-course or lecture to the e-learning platform and teach it at least once for the whole network. In return, the department gets access to all courses taught by other cooperation partners. All courses and lectures that are taught within the network are tutored.

For detailed information see the Manual of the project [pdf] (German).

Flyer [pdf] of the project (German)

Purpose of the project

The project is aimed at linking the international departments of Scandinavian and Finnish studies and their related departments.

Each professorship and thereby each institution is distinguished by unique interests and emphases in research and teaching. The access to those fields of research and teaching are nevertheless very often regionally restricted. The e-learning platform used for the realisation of the project gives all students the opportunity to get to know the wide scope of research and teaching from different departments in the field of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies, helping them to individualise their postgraduate academic profile.

E-courses and e-lectures within the platform, which is implemented in the e-learning system ILIAS, offer a pool of courses, which expands the scope of teaching at each collaborating department.


  • Enhancement of e-learning based teaching in departments of Scandinavian and Finnish studies.
  • Development of unique, subject-specific e-learning platform which is staffed and institutionally based.
  • Efficient integration of German and international departments, ensuring the quality and optimisation of master's degree teaching.
  • Faster communication of latest research to students due to international cooperation.
  • E-learning courses that allow for quality controlled and self-responsible learning in the master's degree programmes.
  • Due to the innovative character of the project, basic legal and technical structures can be established.
  • Structural portability for other ‘small subjects‘.