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Current research projects

  • Written men - Intersectionality and men's studies in the Old Norse literature (working title)
  • "This secret sadness of the 21st century" - postmodern melancholy discourses (working title)

Former research projecs

Charlemagne in the North. Reception of the French chansons de geste in the Old East Norse manuscripts. (PhD, Cologne 2018. Disputatio: 06.06.2018, supervisor Prof. Dr. Stephan Michael Schröder, second supervisor Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Bampi (Ca'Foscari, Venice)).



  • Kulturtransfer
  • Gender studies / Intersektionalität
  • Text- und Genre-Transmission im Mittelalter
  • Übersetzungstheorien
  • New Philology
  • Europäische Karlsdichtung