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Innovation in Teaching

E-Master Skandinavistik - Fennistik

Project of the Department for Scandinavian/Finnish Studies (ISF) at the University of Cologne to introduce additional e-learning courses into master degree programmes of so called ‘small disciplines’.

Funded by central resources for quality improvement by the rectorate and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Cologne as well as the Ministry of innovation, science and research in the state of Northrhine-Westfalia.

Time span of funding: 05/2013 - 04/2016 (3 years)
Further funding: 11/2016 - 10/2018 

To the online-platform in ILIAS.

Designing Knowledge

Teaching - Cooperation - Exchange

Since the beginning of the project in 2013 nine e-master courses and three e-lectures were developed by the staff of the project and our network partners.

By cooperating with other departments of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies that join the network, the e-learning platform will be constantly filled with more courses.

The courses collected on the platform can then be integrated into the scopes of teaching of the cooperating departments. Besides the bonus that the scope of teaching is widened for each department, cooperation partners benefit from the network due to the resource-friendly method of teaching with one tutor teaching for several departments at the same time.

How to join the network

Departments who would like to join the network can contact our staff directly, cf. contact information below.
Master students of cooperating departments can enroll for courses by contacting us via skanfen-e-master(at) Please tell us your home department, when contacting us.
Note for students of Finnish studies: Some courses require knowledge of Danish/Swedisch/Norwegian. Please contact us beforehand to receive information on specific courses, if you think, knowledge of a scandinavian language is required for participation in the course.


You can contact us directly via skanfen-e-master(at) or individually:

Current projects staff:Project managers:Former project members:
Elena Brandenburg, M.A.Prof. Dr. Marja Järventausta Dr. Christian Berrenberg
Anne-Katrin Heinen, M.A.Prof. Dr. Stephan Michael SchröderMarie Hendriks, B.A.