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Annales RyensesRydårbogen. Die Transmission und Übersetzung eines mittelalterlichen Annalenwerkes (Arbeitstitel)/Annales RyensesRydårbogen. Transmission and Translation of medieval annals (Working title)

This phd-project examines intercultural networks concerning text and manuscript transfer during the North European Middle Ages. The textual corpus comprises all four manuscripts containing the Annales Ryenses/RydårbøgerContent-related and formal variations will be examined as well as dependencies between the manuscripts. For each manuscript a new manuscript description will be available. Furthermore, a study of the reception and context of transmission of this annals in Scandinavia and Northern Germany will be made. Material philology, polysystem theorie and cultural transfer provide the theoretical framework for this project.

Partly sponsored by travel grants from: DAAD, a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne and Internationaler Lyceum Club Köln e.V.