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j o l n e s – Joint Learning in Northern European Studies

Northern European Studies – and then what?

A video series on career prospects by j o l n e s

Episode 5: Communication Advidor

The language of the video is German. German and English subtitles can be set optionally.



Tim Kötting studied Scandinavian Studies, Medieval and modern history and European Law in Cologne. After graduating in 2009, he began working for the Scandinavian-German communication agency EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation in Hamburg. In his capacity as Director Germany, Tim is responsible for the German business of the agency. As communication advisor, he implements brand PR, Public Affairs and strategic communication services for the company´s international clients from the transport and tourism sector.



Date The interview was conducted on September 08 2020 via ZOOM.
Interviewed by Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
Editing Celine Junk, Janine Klösges, Adam Polczyk
Transcript by: Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
j o l n e s – Design Heide Matz
Produced by University of Cologne, Department for Scandinavian and Finnish Studies



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