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j o l n e s – Joint Learning in Northern European Studies

Northern European Studies – and then what?

A video series on career prospects by j o l n e s

Episode 6: Interpreter and translator

The language of the video is German. German and English subtitles can be set optionally.



Nadja Schmidt works as a self-employed conference interpreter and translator. She studied Scandinavian and Finnish Studies as well as Romance Studies in Cologne and Turku. After completing her Bachelor's degree, she went on to receive a Master's degree in conference interpreting from the Technical University of Cologne. Since then, she has worked for international conferences and events and ensures that the message is conveyed appropriately into the target language.”

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Date The interview was conducted on December 08 2020 via Zoom.
Interviewed by Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
Cinematography and Editing Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
Transcript by: Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
j o l n e s – Design Heide Matz
Produced by University of Cologne, Department for Scandinavian and Finnish Studies



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