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Career prospects

What do you do with Scandinavian or Finnish Studies?

Students are frequently asked: “And what do you do when you have finished your studies?”
It is not easy to answer this question, because a degree in the Arts and Humanities does not prepare you exclusively  for one specific profession (as in medical studies → doctor). Aside from the actual studies and the acquired knowledge of Nordic languages, the acquisition of certain general skills is an important part of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. This includes, above all, the ability to work scientifically and analytically, i.e. to deal independently with a scientific issue, for example, by reviewing the current state of research on it and then analysing the problem based on various problem-solving approaches. 

By completing a degree at the Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies, you are not prepared for a specific occupation, but rather for a wide range of career opportunities, for example in the field of cultural management, tourism, publishing, language education, the media or international organizations.

Former students regularly visit us, who report on their career path after graduation.

Since 2020 there has also been a video series in which alumni/alumnae report on their career path.