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Content and structure of the Master's degree programm

After completion of the Bachelor’s degree programme, the acquired knowledge and skills can be deepened and expanded in the double major Master's programme ‘Scandinavian Cultures and Literatures’ or in the single major Master's programme ‘Scandinavian Studies’.. In both Master's degree programmes, cultural and literary competencies are taught for critical reflection of Scandinavian literature and culture in history and the present. The single major Master's programme ‘Scandinavian Studies’ also teaches about the Nordic Middle Ages in cooperation with the University of Bonn. A combination with the subject ‘Finnish Studies’ is also possible in the double major Master's programme ‘Scandinavian Cultures and Literatures’, so that a comprehensive knowledge about Northern Europe is acquired. Depending on your interest and interests, you can combine other double major Master's degree programmes from the broad range of courses of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with Scandinavian studies.