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j o l n e s – Joint Learning in Northern European Studies

Northern European Studies – and then what?

A video series on career prospects by j o l n e s

Episode 7: Editor

The language of the video is German. German and English subtitles can be set optionally.



After studying Scandinavian studies, comparative literature and ethnology in Münster and Tromsø, Magnus Enxing specialised as a publishing editor, before setting up his own business as a freelance publishing editor, editor and translator in 2009. Translation work includes two novels by Marit Reiersgård, a historical article, a musicological dissertation, a children's book by the Danish author Ole Lund Kirkegaard and an autobiography by the Norwegian environmentalist Sigmund Unander. Since April 2010, Magnus Enxing has also been the Norwegian lecturer at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, in the course of which he has initiated numerous readings by Norwegian authors.




Date The interview was conducted on April 29 2021 via Zoom.
Interviewed by Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
Cinematography and Editing Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
Transcript by: Anja Ute Blode, Anne-Katrin Heinen
j o l n e s – Design Heide Matz
Produced by University of Cologne, Department for Scandinavian and Finnish Studies