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j o l n e s – Joint Learning in Northern European Studies

EduVEnture Cologne (IVAC)

j o l n e s  is part of the DAAD project EduVEnture Cologne (IVAC) at the University of Cologne.

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I like that so many students from different universities, with different backgrounds and different approach to reading and studying literature can meet within online courses.

Viola Parente-Čapková, Associate Professor/ Docent in Theory of Literature, University of Turku


Further information about the funding period and the courses offered


Further information about the funding period and the courses offered
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The Project

Find out more about Joint Learning in Northern European Studies!

What is EduVEnture?

EduVEnture Cologne unites transnational teaching projects from three faculties of the University of Cologne, which align, by and large, with standards set by the EU ERASMUS+Virtual Exchange. EduVEnture Cologne wants to raise awareness for the advantages and merits of the concept of Virtual Exchange, both for students and lecturers.


What is j o l n e s ?

The network initiative j o l n e s – Joint Learning in Northern European Studies was founded in 2013. It is a cooperation project that aims to interconnect the teaching of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies in Germany and other European countries. The digital teaching in the j o l n e s - network, consisting of seven departments, complements the local classroom teaching. One to a maximum of two courses are offered per term, which can be online seminars (webinars) and digital or digitized lectures. 

Two teaching scenarios are used. Courses are either taught by a lecturer from one department or they are co-teached with lecturers from different locations. In both cases, students from all network partners are allowed to participate.

Listen to both students and teachers talking about their experiences with collaborative online learning and teaching and about what benefits such a network has for participating departments.


Download the flyer "jolnes - Joint Learning in Northern European Studies" (pdf)

How to initiate a network-based teaching project (2016)

An evaluation in 2016 was used to produce a manual of the project, which can help other subjects to understand how a similar project could be structured.




You can contact us directly via hello-jolnesSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de or individually:

Project management:
Anne-Katrin Heinen, M.A.